Logan County Fair Royalty Contest

Fair Royalty Contest


  1.  Candidate must reside in Logan County or attend a Logan County school, cannot be married, nor have been married, be pregnant or have been pregnant.
  2.  King and Queen Candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 19 years old as of January 1 this year, Prince and Princess Candidates must be between the ages of 9 and 12 as of January 1.
  3.  Candidate shall never have been a previous Logan County Fair King or Queen if applying for King or Queen. Candidate shall never have been a previous Logan County Fair Prince or Princess if applying for Prince or Princess.
  4.  Must be sponsored by one of the following clubs/chapter/organization: 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Industrial Arts, Boy/Girls Scouts, and Farm Bureau Youth. Any of these may sponsor more than one candidate.
  5.  Candidate must participate or be eligible to participate in Junior Fair activities.
  6.  Shall waive liability and hold the Logan County Fair and its officials/4-H OSU Extension and its officials harmless in the event of any injury occurring during participation.
  7. All candidates are required to abide by the Duties and Responsibilities with possible disqualifications for infractions of those duties including conducting himself/herself in an improper manner.


1.     A diverse panel selected by the Fair Royalty committee will select the King, Queen, Prince, Princess and Court. The committee reserves the right to leave a position vacant if they feel there aren’t qualified candidates to assume the role as outlined in the Duties and Responsibilities. (ie., if there aren’t qualified candidates to fill the role of Fair King, a King may not be selected.

2.     Scoring will be done on the following basis:

a. Activities; Participation, Leadership, Achievement, Initiative
b. Poise and Personality
c. Personal Appearance (during preliminary interview and contest)
d. Communication Skills
e. Responsiveness to Questions

3.      A preliminary interview is required and will be conducted. Candidates will be contacted with the details of the interview times and location.
5.      Fair Royalty will be selected on opening day during the Logan County Fair.  King and Queen Candidates are expected to dress in formal attire. Prince Candidates should wear dress slacks or khaki’s and a dress shirt. Princess Candidates should wear a summer dress. There will be a presentation of all contestants during the Fair contest. Candidates will be questioned further during the contest.
6.      The Logan County Fair King and Queen will receive a $100 college scholarship at a time in which the contestant can provide appropriate documentation of college acceptance and attendance along with a lifetime pass to the Logan County Fair. All Fair Royalty will receive various donated gifts.