Logan County Fair Royalty Contest

Fair Royalty Contest


1. Candidate must be a participant in the Logan County Junior Fair.
2. King & Queen candidates must be 16 – 19 years of age as of January 1st of the current year. Prince & Princess candidates must be 11 – 15 years of age as of January 1st of the current year.

3. Not now, or never have been married.
4. Not now, or never have been pregnant, fathered, or adoptive parent of a child.
5. No use or consumption of illegal controlled substances or alcohol.
6. Never have been convicted of criminal offense or have criminal charges pending.
7. Candidate shall never have been a previous County Fair King or Queen in any county.
8. Must be sponsored by one of the following clubs/chapter/organization: 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Industrial Arts,Boy/Girls Scouts, and Farm Bureau Youth. Any of these may sponsor more than one candidate.
9. Be committed to the role you are chosen for one full year.
10. Shall waive liability and hold the Logan County Fair and its officials/4-H OSU Extension and its officials harmless in the event of any injury occurring during participation
11. All candidates are required to abide by the Expectations of Fair Royalty with possible disqualifications for infractions of those duties including conducting himself/herself in an improper manner.


1. Dress appropriately – Your appearance is the first impression others receive, so represent the fair well by dressing appropriately at all times. Modesty should take precedence. Fair officials reserve the right to ask you to change your attire.
2. Use appropriate language.
3. Be aware of social media (be careful what is posted & said).
4. Never be afraid to ask questions. Feel free to seek guidance from past Royalty, Katie Krabill, Christie Barns or Justin Bower.
5. Include your Royalty court members. The King and Queen should attend as many activities as possible, but allow the court to help fill the void. The Prince and Princess should accompany a member of Royalty whenever they are able.
6. Promote the Logan County Fair.
7. Be knowledgeable about YOUR fair (schedules, activities). Meet each day of the fair to review the schedule and evaluate activities.
8. Introduce yourself to the office staff, members of the Senior Fair Board and Jr. Fair Board. Take the initiative to be involved; attend and help at as many events as possible.
9. Visit the merchant businesses and organizations. Thank them for exhibiting and being a part of the Fair.
10. Act as host/hostess to visiting Royalty.
11. Visit other fairs and remember to promote YOUR fair. It is the expectation of the Fair Board that Royalty attend as many other Ohio county fairs as reasonably possible, especially neighboring counties; Champaign, Hardin, Union, and Shelby County.
13. The Queen has the opportunity to participate in the All Ohio Queens contest held during the Ohio Fair Managers Association (OFMA) Convention in January. A personal financial commitment would be necessary.
14. Plan to participate in other Logan County events and activities such as:
The Logan County 4-H Scholarship Dinner in June
Bellefontaine Memorial Day and Christmas Parade
West Liberty Christmas and Labor Day Parade
Other local Memorial Day Parades
15. It is expected that you will take a leadership role in conducting the Royalty Contest the year following your appointment. This includes seeking sponsorship, planning and organizing the event.